e Ryt qualified teacher Hello, and welcome to my website. I am a fully qualified Yoga Alliance E500 hour RYT which is the highest level you can achieve. I have been teaching yoga since 2004 and originally started teaching in Dublin, where I was a full time teacher of weekly classes, workshops and a lead teacher for many years on a teacher training programme. Since 2012 I have been living in Cork, where being momma to two beautiful children has become another part of my practice. I am passionate about yoga, having found it to be life transforming on so many levels, and consider myself blessed to be able to teach yoga as well as practice it. Enjoy exploring my website, and hopefully I'll see you on the mat someday. Namaste.

About Nikki

Nikki I went to my first yoga class many years ago, and although I enjoyed it at the time, it didn't really take root with me. I went back to it a few years later, and it was the right time for me and yoga. I instantly felt a connection with the practice and I knew that this was the start of a life-long relationship.....

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About Ashtanga

>One of the most immediate and obvious aspects of Ashtanga yoga is the emphasis on the physical postures, the asanas...

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One More...

"One More!"
It is the infamous call in Mysore, India, when you're sitting outside the practice room...

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Ashtanga Ireland with Nikki Cousins


  • As of 2014 my only public classes are in Cork. Go to Classes for more details

Wise Words

"Behind the strength of the body, there is an energy that is spiritual and that is what keeps us alive. To gain access to the spiritual you need to understand the physical. That body is our temple and inside that temple is Atman, and that is God." - Sri K. Patthabi Jois

"Constantly question and search within." - Sri Ramana Maharishi

"Gather courage - the journey has already started. Even if you go back you will not find the old shore again. Even if you go back, those old toys will not be of any help anymore; you are finished with them, you will know they are toys. Now the real has to be found, has to be inquired into. And it is not very far away either - it is within you." - Osho

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