Hello, and welcome to my website. I am a fully qualified Yoga Alliance E500 hour RYT which is the highest level you can achieve. I have been teaching yoga since 2004 and originally started teaching in Dublin, where I was a full time teacher of weekly classes, workshops and a lead teacher for many years on a teacher training programme that I helped put together. Since 2012 I have been living in Cork, where being momma to two beautiful children has become another part of my practice.  I teach weekly ashtanga and vinyasa classes in Cork city.  I am passionate about yoga, having found it to be life transforming on so many levels, and consider myself blessed to be able to teach yoga as well as practice it. Enjoy exploring my website, and hopefully I'll see you on the mat someday. Namaste.


Upcoming Workshops

Three Ashtanga workshops with Nikki Cousins: Working with Second Series


Sunday July 14th 2pm-4.30pm : Backbends and Arm Balances

Sunday August 18th 2pm-4.30pm: Advanced Hip Opening, working towards ‘leg behind head’ poses

Saturday September 21st 2pm-4.30pm: Led Second Series, piecing it together

The Intermediate Series is described in Sanskrit asnadi shodhana, or a cleansing and opening of the subtle energy nervous system. By opening and cleaning thenadis (energy channels), we also open the functioning of ourchakras(internal energy centres), are able to fill our being with prana (life energy), and balance the dualities within us (idaandpingala).

It is a strong practice, with three main components: backbends, twists and arm balances. There are also twists and forward folds in the series, but they serve as connections to postures. In this trio of workshops, Nikki will be breaking down all of these elements of Second Series, giving ways to work into the poses with modifications and props as needed.

Only for students with a steady yoga practice . € 25 per workshop go towww.yogaloftcork.com to book